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Where there are established contacts there are profitable contracts, or big business forum in action

Around 120 companies from 12 countries of the world present samples of their latest equipment at the Woodworking-2013 international exhibition
By Yuri Chernyakevich

In early October, it was crowded at the Football Manege in Minsk’s Pobediteley Avenue, the venue for the 20th International Woodworking-2013 Specialised Exhibition. And again, confirmed their status as the country’s largest forum in this branch.

In my opinion, the unusual number of exhibits was the peculiar feature of the forum. The exhibition hall was almost transformed into a true production workshop, with various mechanisms ‘running the show’ — from remotely controlled machines to manual chainsaws. The many visitors to the exhibition had a good opportunity to see the exhibits working, while independently assessing the real potential of equipment from various brands and models.

Of course, the exposition wasn’t limited solely to the inside of the pavilion’s walls. Minsk Tractor Works, alongside other Belarusian and foreign enterprises, demonstrated loaders and tractors, as well as various logging equipment on the open ground near the Football Manege. Visitors could see the work of different timber processing technique ‘in action’. Pine logs converted into chips, the drilling of holes in timber and techniques to dry wet timber. 

Around 20 companies from Germany, including Homag, Weinig and Siempelkamp, presented their products as part of the exposition. “For many years, Belarus has been one of the largest export markets for German companies,” notes an officer of the German Engineering Association (VDMA), Dominik Wolfschьtz. “Your country continues to be attractive for investments.”

Many Italian firms, considered to be acknowledged ‘trendsetters’ in the timber processing industry, were also present at the exhibition, and it was very crowded around their stands. In 2011, Belarus was among the world’s top ten importers of timber processing equipment from this European country, so Italian specialists are keen to sign contracts with Belarusian companies.

A specialised room — Bioenergy-2013 — was organised at the exhibition, which demonstrated technologies and equipment for the production and burning of various types of bio-fuel. Moreover, a scientific and practical seminar was held — The Condition and Prospects of Technology of Wood Waste Processing. Undoubtedly, these and the many other events held as part of the international forum, promoted the establishment of business relations between representatives of Belarusian and foreign business. As they say, where there are contacts, there will be contracts. 
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