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According to National Bank, Belarusians have an average of Br2,566,000 (around $855) in bank accounts or certificates

By Arnold Trofimov

In 2010, individual deposits in Belarusian Roubles and foreign currencies rose by 26.5 percent, or over Br4.8 trillion, reaching Br23 trillion in early January 2011.

Taking into consideration the money attracted by banks from non-residents and relating to the placement of savings certificates and bonds, the figure stands at Br24.3 trillion (rising by Br5.6 trillion in a year).

Last year, national currency deposits rose from Br8 trillion to Br9.8 trillion (or from $2.6bn to $3.2bn), with more savings placed in foreign currencies. Over one year, their sum increased by $0.9bn (from $3.5bn to almost $4.4bn in equivalent).
According to the National Bank, as of January 1st, 2009, each Belarusian accounted for Br1,402,000 of savings, with deposits rising 1.8-fold over two years.

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