What does it take to be competitive?

Minsk-based Horizont presented a hybrid analogue and digital TV set
So far Horizont is the only CIS company to have implemented such a solution. According to Deputy Director of the Horizont Digital Television Institute, there are foreign analogues from Phillips, Thompson, Sony, but they are much more expensive because they utilise powerful processors.

The Belarusian novelty is based on an economic variant of the common TV set and utilises a less powerful processor, which makes the solution quite competitive on the market. Horizont’s foreign partners, in particular, Phillips, have highly appreciated the level of the Belarusian hybrid TV set solution.

The novelty will be on sale in H1 2006. Besides, Horizont plans to float an offer to upgrade common analogue Horizont TV sets with the digital signal reception capability.

At present the company is starting a research into demand for the hybrid TV set in Belarus and other countries’ markets. Meanwhile, the novelty has already invoked interest in Russia.
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