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What do you get when you cross bubbles with art?

Who would have thought that the material usually used to wrap up works of art would become art itself?
It’s true, extraordinary copies of classic paintings are being made with bubble wrap. They are the result of a time-consuming and complex process thought up by New York based artist Bradley Hart. A classically trained painter, he uses ordinary syringes to inject each bubble with paint, turning the bubbles into pixel-like entities.

Bubble wrap art

“The idea originally to use bubble wrap in art came from an experience with a bunch of overzealous security guards. As well as a left over roll of bubble wrap from my first solo exhibition in 2009 in Manhattan,” said Hart.

“I’m sitting there and I’m looking at it and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, that’s it.’ And I know that it’s an idea that wasn’t 100 percent new, to play with the idea of the culture trope of whether or not one should touch art. Because that’s what the art began as. They didn’t start as paintings or the sculptures they are moving into, it actually began as a sculpture of just a roll of bubble wrap and playing with the idea that should you touch the art or not.”

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