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Darya Domracheva has collected all Antholz-Anterselva individual race victories

Well done our Dasha, you’ve really made it!

Darya Domracheva has collected all Antholz-Anterselva individual race victories. Meanwhile, her endeavours to help Belarusian national squad ascend pedestal for relay were thwarted by wind, turning the relay race into a lottery.


During two previous stages Darya Domracheva reduced lagging from Finland’s Kaisa Makarainen in overall standings of the World Cup more than in half — from 119 to 58 points. The continuation of the duel took place at the highest level — Italian Antholz located at height of 1,634 metres above sea level. At the beginning girls competed in sprint, and Dasha was the first, having laid a good foundation for victory in pursuit race. Nadezhda Skardino performed well too and got into top-8.

Domracheva made fresh gains in favourite Antholz. After all, Italian scenery — is her favourite surrounding. The sun shines here — it is her symbol and talisman, the height of one and half kilometres makes her feel well, while others try to adapt to work with bounding pulse. To establish new achievement in sprint? Of course we can. Darya is the first biathlete in history who finished first in 7.5 kilometres among all participants and managed to preserve leadership.

To keep ahead of peloton during all pursuit race? No problems! To win beautifully, with a flag — of course she can. There is such sensation that healing air of Italy makes her invincible.

Though she showed just the fourth speed in pursuit, having lost almost 40 seconds to Makarainen, she had no occasions to activate turbo-speed mode. During all race she has never felt breath of competitors, because they were far behind her. Her confident work on firing lines provided this resort mode. One miss in first shooting in lying position — is the only Darya’s misfire at this stage! She hit 29 of 30 targets, and it is the best indicator in the team. And it was impossible not to win 25th victory in career. By the way, this victory — was 64th podium in career of Belarusian star, on this indicator she bypassed Magdalena Neuner and Tora Berger (63) and reached pure fourth place. Only Kati Wilhelm (68), Uschi Disl (74) and Magdalena Forsberg (87) are ahead.

Unfortunately, in relay race our girls took only the sixth place. Weather conditions influenced the result. Practically from the very beginning of the race biathletes had to struggle not only between themselves, but also with gusty wind that seriously affected their shooting and, as a result, the general result. This season is the first time when Belarusians have not got into number of prize-winners of relay race at World Cup stages.

By Igor Leshin
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