Welcome Junior Eurovision!

International Junior Eurovision–2010 Song Contest to be held on November 20th 2010, in Minsk
International Junior Eurovision–2010 Song Contest to be held on November
20th 2010, in Minsk.

Winner of Junior Eurovision–2005 Kseniya Sitnik.There were many candidates for hosting the children’s contest; however, the Supervisory Council of the European Broadcasting Union’s final choice was between Belarus, Russia and Malta. After its undeniable success in organising the Eurovision Song Contest, many assumed Moscow would win the honour but, after the three finalists had given their presentations on June 5th in Kiev, the decision was made in favour of Belarus.

Alongside the contest programme, a fun schedule is planned for the young entrants in Belarus, including a circus performance and a meeting with Belarusian Father Frost. The contest’s slogan of ‘Feel the Magic!’ will be in full swing, enabling children to feel the atmosphere of a true fairytale of surprises in the month leading up to New Year.

Eurovision–2010 is to be held at the new Minsk-Arena multifunctional complex, which by this time, will be ready to seat 15,000 spectators. Its unique stage has been designed, with banners for each entrant’s country being placed along Minsk’s central streets and video clips broadcast on screens throughout the Belarusian capital. Everything will be done to ensure the young artists feel like true stars. Experienced camera teams will be invited, as well as sound and light technicians with experience of the adult and children’s Eurovision contests.

“Belarus can organise Junior Eurovision at the highest level,” asserts EBU Executive Supervisor Svante Stockselius. “Belarus’ presentation strengthened the organisers’ opinion that its hosting of the contest will be superb. Next year, the competition looks set to attract a record number of participating countries — over 20.”

This year, Junior Eurovision is being held in Kiev on November 21st, bringing together 13 states. European countries are now selecting their young entrants. In Belarus, the final concert will take place in September, featuring 10 candidates; 13 year old Minskite Yuri Demidovich takes leadership.

Vladimir Kupriyanov
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