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Alexander Lukashenko stresses need for improved legislation to protect land use

Wealth of land obviously needs preservation

Alexander Lukashenko stresses need for improved legislation to protect land use

The Head of State has received a draft decree to amend legislation relating to the withdrawal and provision of land plots. He commented, “You know my attitude towards land, especially farmland and forest areas. At present, construction projects and other activities connected with the acquisition of land cannot be passed without the President’s approval.”

Land requires caring hand

He reminded that, some time ago, the governors of Belarusian regions had the right to supervise the allotment of lands, before being stripped of this right for mismanagement. Mr. Lukashenko recalled, “I explained why this happened. We’d never seen such land chaos as during that time. All kinds of buildings, warehouses, enterprises and housing were built on farmland. We must not use arable land for such purposes. Many generations of people took care of those lands, which are vital to any state. This is why I have such an attitude towards this issue.”

Mr. Lukashenko remarked that, before signing a corresponding decree, he would like to discuss the rational use of land resources. “It’s our wealth. Agricultural lands account for 90 percent of our territory. They should be used efficiently,” he urged. The President asked those present at the recent meeting the reasons for revising existing regulations, and asked about Government plans to improve the use of land resources and raise efficiency.

“It’s essential to clean up our lands. They are our brand and our face. All people arriving in our country say that we live in harmony with nature: that we have created good conditions for rest and life,” noted Mr. Lukashenko. “Our health relies on clean air and land resources, including forests, which is why I focus on the use of farmland and forest resources. I will toughen my requirements in future.”

By Vladimir Khromov
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