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Belarussian doctors successfully using latest cell growing technology to treat a variety of diseases

We’re definitely moving forward

Belarussian doctors successfully using latest cell growing technology to treat a variety of diseases.

This is not the only innovative project that benefits from state support. Belarus is a CIS leader in terms of the introduction of new technology, relying on the support from the UN Economic Commission for Europe. This was described by the Deputy Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus, Piotr Baltrukovich.

According to Mr. Baltrukovich, the State Science and Technology Committee is responsible for the conduct of sci-tech policy, innovative activity and for the settlement of issues dealing with intellectual property, which are its major three tasks. Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and IT are also tackled. “In particular, we’re developing the use of anti-tumour medications. They are affordable; if we view them from the point of view of value for money, they are one of the leaders on the Belarusian market,” he noted.

He also said that a Centre for Cell Technology has opened in Belarus, which is functioning in line with international standards. The first area for this project to develop is the growth of the patient’s own cells to treat diseases, and a specialist institute of the National Academy of Sciences is involved in this activity. At present, these cells are used to treat patients who suffer from trophic ulcers. There are already a number of patients who have positive clinical results from such treatment.

Other countries are also interested in your project I’m sure, as few in the CIS region are involved in this activity? 

Yes, we’re one of the leaders in the CIS in this area. In this project we’re co-operating with the Russian Federation. The cell centre in Belarus is one of the first of its kind.

Which other project can you describe?

We’re liaising with the UN Economic Commission for Europe. Belarus has always tried to compete with international organisations. We were the first to complete the project with help and conduct a survey of innovative development. The full title of the document reads ‘Survey of Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus. 2010-2011’.

As a result of this work (with the involvement of foreign experts) we’ve received an independent assessment of the state and development tendencies of the innovation activity in the country. The best foreign experience has been borrowed and recommendations have been developed aiming to improve innovation policy in Belarus. We’re now using this data and are moving forward, trying to fulfil the recommendations stipulated in the innovation report.

The positive point is that many countries are interested in our experience of working with the UN Economic Commission for Europe. Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia and Tajikistan have followed in our footsteps. We’re moving forward. In November, Minsk hosted a joint conference with the UN Economic Commission for Europe. It was dedicated to summing up the results of five completed surveys. Conclusions, presented in these documents, were summed up, as well as how the problems are being solved during implementation. New opportunities were also studied.

Furthermore, we’ve agreed with the UN Economic Commission for Europe that we would conduct one more such survey in Belarus and would analyse where we have succeeded and what areas should receive more attention. A plan of work was compiled after the survey, and a range of events, including seminars and training, was held. We have been working side-by-side with the UN Economic Commission for Europe and have always appreciated assistance from our colleagues.

By Tatiana Stolyarova

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