We export technique and knowledge

Export is one of the painful points of Belarusian economy. In 2006 gap between import and export of goods and services exceeded the predicted level. The Government undertakes measures to liquidate this undesirable slant, including the possibilities of agricultural machine construction which production is popular in many countries of the world
So, industrial association “Gomselmach” is actively deals with creation of joint trade houses in Kazakhstan, Novosibirsk Region and Stavropol Territory in Russia. They are going to organize presales preparation, realization and after sales service of certified agricultural technique. That will increase the prestige of the enterprise, enforce the image of Belarus as a reliable trade partner. Under control of the trade house will be activity of several “Gomselmach” dealer centres, there are 90 of them in Russia only.

Simultaneously, as marketing centre director Vladimir Frolov emphasizes, the enterprise exploits actively its technique to other markets: to Czechia, Iran, Argentina. In total if to compare with the past year the “Gomselmach” export increased by 55% and amounted approximately to 56 million dollars.

Tractors constructors achieve pretty good results in respect of export supplies. In the year 2005 about 42 thousand machines were exported what is considerably more than in the year 2005. The cost of export supplies achieved more than half billion dollars. At that to the far abroad countries about 18 thousand tractors had been shipped at amount of 195 million dollars.

Minsk Tractor Plant considers customer’s requests. Let’s say Russia generally prefer expensive energy filled tractors.

The enterprise gained new sales market in Africa — Guinea, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Nigeria. Besides, Mongolia, Peru and Iran showed great interest in Belarusian production. In the year of 2007 the Plant intends to fully satisfy the foreign partners demand for its production.

MTP got a heavy order from Turkmenia — for a thousand “Belarus tractors” of various modifications. Provided that this country will buy spare parts and wheels to tractors as well as. Minsk gear wheel plant will send there a thousand ploughs. Simultaneously Turkmenian specialists are working out a matter on their professionals training in various educational establishments in Belarus.
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