«We ate caviar by spoons as well!»

Spartak Mironovich: I want to create another handball dream team

Spartak Mironovich – about the problems of becoming the team, its energy and about his sad holiday

May 25 handball SKA (Minsk), 23 years later joins the club museum by one more European trophy – the Challenge Cup. And four days later after a four-year hiatus club once again became the silver medallist in the country championship. As best years, led army team to these achievements honored trainer of the USSR and the Byelorussian SSR, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Belarus Spartak Mironovich. The most winning coach in our country will soon celebrate its 75th anniversary. With the legend of world sports reporter «R» has met.

— Spartak Petrovich, what place will take the Challenge Cup in the unique collection of command, which you are directing from 1976?

— Usual, in the sequence of its gains. Of course, in order of importance it is inferior to the onetime continental trophies — three European Cup and two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Value Challenge Cup consists in the fact that it obtained so many years later, by new generation of players of SKA.

— How to celebrate the victory, and what for you is the most memorable triumph of players of SKA in the international arena?

— No little fanfare, although emotions beat over the edge. There was a small reception and congratulations. Despite the convincing result, the guys gave to the game completely. But they first appeared on the «Minsk-Arena» in front of such a number of fans. May 29 Army men had a «gold» game on the national championship with Minsk «Dynamo», which, unfortunately, lost. Because they didn’t have time to recover after the Challenge Cup. But in June 1, we’ll meet again together with «Dinamo» in the semi-finals of the Cup of the country. And I hope that we get even with them. And from most memorable triumphs SKA I note the battle with the Bucharest «Steaua» in the European Cup final in 1989. Then, in the guest we lost with a score of minus 6, and at home «jumped higher than his head», and have scored 14 to opponent’s goals that was great surprise to Romanians.

— With whom of the eight Olympic champions, which you brought up, you have to work the hardest, and which of them do you trust more?

— No one was difficult, but anything can happen and in training, and in the mode of life. And can it be a sports star characterless? But in the end, all smoothed out in the name of His Majesty the result. I trusted to all of the army team, each in his position: Galuzo, Tuchkin, Jakimovich, Svyrydenko, Barbashinsky, Karshakevich, Shevtsov and other. Not surprisingly, then us called by aliens and team of XXI century!

— You are a man of the old school. Do you not regret that all your super achievements are in the past, along with the Union sunk into oblivion?

— And we ate caviar by spoons! But seriously, on this occasion aptly noted by: «Who does not regret the collapse of the Union, he has no heart, but who those willing to resuscitate it – he has no head». We have to live in the new circumstances and conditions and adapt to them. Including in the club. Other generations of players comes and it necessary to work with them, but with other methods and approaches.

— June 20th you will be 75 years old. What do means this age limit for you? What keeps you in handball, which you have given nearly half a century of life?

— To adult not very nice to hear that he’s old grandfather. Of course, there is no a special joy on the eve of the anniversary. Well, when you have 17, 25, and 30 years old, not 50, 60 and those over 75. But I drive out the thought of the age and about upcoming sad holiday. And I continue to draw energy from the young people with whom I am growing young again.

— You do not repeatedly received tempting offers to work in handball powers – Germany and Spain, and a sheikh from Egypt even wanted to send a private jet for Mironovich!

— By nature I am a homebody. I love all the near and dear, and I do not like discomfort. I want here, rather than abroad, to create another dream team.

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