UN resolution confirms recognition of diversity of progressive development ways, by the initiative from Belarusian President
Belarusian delegation insisted on including an article on recognition of diversity of progressive development ways, into UN resolution. It is that very thesis that was put forward by Alexander Lukashenko at UN summit in New York.

Resolution “Global agenda of dialogue between civilizations” was adopted at plenary session of the 60th UN General Assembly.

As we were informed my Belarusian Ministry of foreign affairs, UN members supported Belarusian proposal unanimously. Having adopted the Resolution, UN General Assembly acknowledges that “all nations have right to self-determination, and based on this right, they are free to determine their political status and implement economical, social and cultural development.”
During the discussion on draft resolution, Belarusian representatives mentioned that globalization and new threats remind us how diverse are interrelations between nations and countries in various realms — in environment, healthcare, economy, culture, safety and others.

Our delegates emphasized that today’s situation over the world prompts the international community to unify efforts and develop global friendly relations. First of all this should be implemented through complete realization concerning value of diversity of civilizations and their respective ways to progress.
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