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Water with golden glimmer

Belarusian champion and world record breaker Natalia Berdnikova celebrates double success at 53rd Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament in Orlando (USA) — one of the most prestigious water competitions
Natalia Berdnikova reached the women’s finals in third place, but went on to leave her rivals standing, earning 9,520 points, setting a new record at the Callaway Gardens Stadium. In springboard diving, she took the lead after the first round, ahead of her opponents by 3m. In her best final attempt, Berdnikova jumped from 52.7m, winning a gold medal while again breaking the stadium’s record. Alexey Zhernosek, a world champion and record breaker from Novopolotsk, took silver, while Belarusian Anna Streltsova debuted in the junior springboard diving, also taking silver — a high achievement for a novice.
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