Water and wind power in tide of high technologies

Presidium of the Council of Ministers of Belarus considers draft State Belarusian Energy System Development Programme

By Yuri Bestuzhev

The draft state programme envisages raising the efficiency of Belarus’ energy system while enhancing security via the application of advanced technologies. In particular, the use of local fuels and renewable energy sources should help reduce the consumption of natural gas (used to generate electricity and heat).

Several electric power stations are to be modernised with the latest high technologies. Large combined cycle power units, with a capacity of 800MW, are to be constructed at Lukoml and Bereza hydroelectric power stations. Fuel is to be diversified by 2015, with a new coal electric power station to be launched in Zelva, boasting a total capacity of 900MW. Meanwhile, mini electric power stations running on local fuels are planned, alongside hydro- and wind-driven electric power stations. Work also continues on the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

Market relations envisage the reform of the energy system from 2011-2015, with the state programme governing all aspects of power, from generation to export sales to neighbouring states. Capital injections into the development of our energy system should total $5.9bn.

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