Wandering Pilgrim and Sir Paul

Gennady Starikov is a very active man. He is full of ideas, and they all are a bit insane, catchy and childly unselfish. The permanent leader of the popular “Star-Club” does not want people to chew the musical fast food on TV and stage. He is a real professional “made in the USSR”, when pop music seemed naпve and sincere, but never vulgar and haughty. The modern pop culture of the country is a great pain to Starikov who wonders why the Belarusian showbiz has lost its taste and genetic memory and considers its fans some low-life scum with no mind of their own
Starikov’s main goal in life is to get the good old times back, when the creator and the listener were breathing the same air and could feel each other like they were parts of the same body.

The latest creative idea of the troubadour Starikov would cause many venomous remarks. Gennady Nikolayevich believes it is time for a strong cultural attack, for earlier Belarus used to have some separated actions that failed to follow any concept. The country could have an independent foundation to support mature and young musicians. He wants to back real music that is far from showbiz money and machinations.

— Belarus could have a rock traineeship, and our rock leaders might teach the youngsters, says Starikov. — We should target the musical culture of the younger generation.

The foundation could have contacts with the foreign media. Starikov puts his hopes on England. In 2005, Starikov wrote a beautiful song “Ode to John Lennon and the Beatles” with a subtle lyrical chorus “I remember you, John Lennon!” The song has been performed many times, and has always been a success. It was one of the top hits at the most recent “Beatles-Festival” in the town of Logoisk, near Minsk.

Starikov would like to send the song to Sir Paul McCartney to remind him that the Beatles are still loved in Belarus. The song, written in 2005, was timed to the anniversary of John Lennon.

— I would like Sir Paul to buy this song, Starikov says.

— How much would you like for it?

— To tell the truth, I don’t know anything about copyright. But I believe it is time to begin international musical cooperation at a new level.
Well, if you knew the vim and vigor of the musician, you would be certain that Starikov will succeed. I, for my part, am absolutely sure.

Alexander Petrov
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