Vitaly Rozhko setting trends for stage fashion

Grodno student designs and produces dynamically lit costumes

Vitaly Rozhko is a fourth year student at the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University’s Physico-Technical Department. From early childhood, he has been keen on ham-radio and now studies the creation of molecular spectroscopy devices and microprocessor control units (used for automation). His application of such devices for stage fashion has resulted in dynamically lit costumes for stage performance.

Dynamically lit costumes from Vitaly Rozhko
Dynamically lit costumes from Vitaly Rozhko

Each costume takes around a month to create, with an algorithm being used to create a control unit plate. Fabric is then sewn with LED strips and individual light-emitting diodes. Of course, soft cabling and comfortable connectors are essential, enabling costumes to be changed with ease.

Two experimental samples have been created and tested with success, and work is being conducted on a third. The dynamically lit costumes have featured at several dance shows at the university, as well as at Grodno Youth Theatre and on the stage of the Republican Youth Student Forum.

Vitaly plans to improve his development, using multi-coloured effects and a wireless system to synchronise several costumes, controlled by computer. This will enable more complex LED effects to be achieved, linked to the rhythm and character of a musical piece.

By Alexander Pimenov
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