‘Vital to act rather than stagnate’

Speaking at session of Executive Committee of National Olympic Committee of Belarus, President notes that he is always objective in making appointments
“No one should be appointed to any position based on loyalty. Don’t think that I appoint anyone in an offhand manner. Rather, I seriously examine them,” explained Mr. Lukashenko. “The key thing is that they should be dedicated professionalы, always doing their best.” He explained his appointment of new top executives in the sporting sphere, saying, “I recommended Igor Rachkovsky as the First Vice President of the National Olympic Committee as I think he is full of promise.”

The Head of State remarked that sport has become political and a source of revenue. “The removal of national borders and the advancement of international relations has become the most important trait of sport,” he stressed.

Maxim Ryzhenkov has been appointed as the President’s Aide for physical training, sports and tourism development, having ‘experience of diplomatic service’ and being able to ‘contribute a great deal to sport’, underlined the Head of State. The Belarusian President also has great hopes for the new Sports and Tourism Minister, Alexander Shamko. Previously he was in charge of rescue and fire-fighting within the Emergency Ministry, including the ‘sports team’, which won world championships many times. Mr. Lukashenko underlined, “They are not chosen randomly for sport and the government system. They are solid men. Two are generals of high rank, profound knowledge and a love for sport, who have experience of working in this field.”

Mr. Lukashenko explained his reasons behind the appointment of new executives for the sports industry. “I wanted to appoint people from outside rather than among ‘sports specialists’, because I’m concerned not only by the lack of effort from former executives but also by their corruption. I want to avoid a clan system so I’ve appointed and recommended those from outside who understand and love sport.”

The Head of State continued, “Those who’ve never practiced sport cannot be sports industry executives. All three appointees have hands-on experience of sport. Believe me, there are no hidden reasons for these appointments.”

Mr. Lukashenko remarked that the new sports executives love their country and sports. They are knowledgeable people who can master resources and modernise the system — as they are tasked with doing. They need to take action to move sport forward.
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