Vital Issue

The Belarusian deputies of the House of Representatives have ratified Convention on Civil Liability for Corruption
Owing to this document, the persons having suffered detriment because of corruption will get legal protection and will be able to have their loss repaired. According to First Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, Alexander Shchurko, the ratified convention is a testimony of the country’s consistent policy of strengthening international cooperation for combating this evil and a logical next step in Belarus’ participation in the UN Convention against Corruption and Criminal Law Convention on Corruption.

The lawmakers have also considered a number of draft laws produced by the Ministry of Nature Resources and Environmental Protection. In particular, amendments to the laws “On Protection and Use of Fauna” and “On Wastes”. The latter, for example, will be amended by introduction of the principle of the producer’s extended liability for utilization of the used products’ wastes. According to Deputy Minister, Valentin Malishevsky, in Germany this, alongside with the introduction of new technologies, helped to reduce the amount of packaging material by 13 per cent and encouraged the development of a new waste collection and recycling system.

The deputies didn’t reject the proposed amendments, however they paid attention to the necessity of building modern recycling plants in Belarus. There is no state programme on waste utilization, while there are investors who are ready to put their money into the construction of such plants.
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