Visa Offhand

French Embassy has got an automatic machine that gives tickets for visiting the visa department
In the hall of the diplomatic mission an electronic system has been installed after a minute of ”communication” with which one receives a ticket with the date and time of one’s visit at one’s choice.

This is not the first high-tech experiment launched by the French Embassy. In summer they introduced a biometric visa system that required bodily presence of each applicant. And now, as Russo and Volter’s compatriots say, “Voilа!” — the diplomatic mission acquired a unique product of the French company “Mecasoft International”, by the way, developed by Belarusian engineers...

Now, in order to visit the visa department, you don’t have to stand in a long queue — the only thing that is needed is to come to the hall of the Embassy with your passport (you can also ask your relatives to do that), insert the page with a photograph into the scanning device and by touch of your fingers to the touch-sensitive screen answer the questions asked. Then select the suitable date and time for visiting the visa department out of the suggested ones and get a ticket with a sequence number and your passport data.
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