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‘Pleasure for the Eyes’ at 22nd Minsk International Listapad Film Festival

Virtual expression of new concept

‘Pleasure for the Eyes’ at 22nd Minsk International Listapad Film Festival.

Igor Sukmanov, the Director of Listapad’s Feature Film Programmes, explains the concept, saying, “In the best films, the major senses are revealed not through dialogue by in mise en scenes: the playing of light and shadow, and the drama of colours and interwoven threads. It’s a true pleasure to watch a film whose secrets are revealed via subtle nuances. You can enjoy the syntaxes and punctuation of film language, which create a melody.”

Every year, the festival offers a new concept, which finds visual expression in a poster. This year’s is created by artist Alexander Kamenets, with light blue dominating: the colour of the sky. A numerical row of the number two creates the hypnotic illusion of movement and a mesmerising stereoscopic image.  Every year, Listapad features films by directors young and experienced, across various nominations, including feature and documentary films. Last year, it was held under the slogan ‘Alternative Cinema’. This year, audiences will also enjoy a diverse programme, with something for every taste.

By Valentin Orlov
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