Violins and flutes

Master class devoted to Baroque music interpretation held at Belarusian State Academy of music. The event was arranged as part of “Orchestra Academy of 18th century” project
Led by Dmitry Zubov, head of “Minsk soloists” ensemble, students performed pieces by Handel, Bach, Zelenka and Telemann.

The event took place at concert hall of Academy of music. Several pieces were performed in solo by the so-called historical performance specialists: Hans-Ioahim Fus, lecturer at High music school of Studtgart (Germany) — flute; Nazar Kozhukhar, soloist at Moscow Philharmonic Hall and lecturer at Moscow conservatory of music — Baroque fiddle; Dmitry Sokolov, lecturer at Rimsky-Korsakov college in St. Petersburg and at Moscow conservatory — Baroque cello.

These artists will also give individual master classes for string and flute musicians.
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