Victoria Azarenko to become a mother

On July 15th, Belarus’ top female tennis player shared news, on her Facebook page, that she is expecting a baby by the end of the year
“It’s been a few weeks since you last heard from me. While recovering from my knee injury, I received news from my doctor that my boyfriend and I are going to become parents at the end of this year. We couldn’t be happier and feel very blessed to begin this exciting journey of building a family together.

While I will miss competing in the sport that I love this season, I’m excited for all that’s ahead. I will take time to improve myself in ways I’ve never been able to do before. I’ve been truly inspired by so many strong tennis players, who return to the very top of their sport after having children, as well as women in various areas of life who have pursued careers they love while raising children.

I am so grateful to my family, friends, team, and sponsors — your support and encouragement has been incredible.

And to my fans, I’m so looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you,” Ms. Azarenko wrote.
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