Veterans still on-stream

President presents state awards to distinguished people

All sovereign countries present awards to those who have given good service to their nation but this year’s awards were particularly moving, being given on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, to representatives of veteran organisations. The atmosphere was one of great feeling. The Palace of Independence hosted two generations of defenders of our Motherland, alongside representatives from the Ministries of Interior and Defence, and commanders of military units and special forces. In collecting their awards from the Commander-in-Chief, veterans were accompanied by a younger military ‘son’, showing the living link between generations. Thanks were sincere to those who helped liberate and then rebuild our nation, before handing over the future to safe hands.

Scientists and doctors, civil servants and teachers, farmers and artists also received state awards and honorary titles, with Mr. Lukashenko emphasising that the Great Victory is a symbol of all held dear by Belarusians and of which they are proud, ‘forged not only by feats on the battlefield but on dedication by home front workers: their willingness to work together, with courage and deep humanity’. He praised the work of those who lived in times of occupation, noting that Belarusians ‘survived and won because they believed in Victory and lived with the dream of a peaceful and happy future for their Motherland’.

By Boris Svetlov
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