Venue for business meetings

Lida welcomes participants and guests of 6th regional exhibition-presentation

By Yelena Kabaeva

“The region is joining an international level and is confidently proclaiming itself,” noted the Chairman of the Lida District Executive Committee, Alexander Ostrovsky, on opening the event. “We are enhancing volumes in all branches, while relying on business co-operation and new projects. Innovations, investments and initiative will guarantee sustainable economic growth this year.”

Lida’s House of Culture and its grounds richly demonstrated dairy products and pancakes made from local flour (cooked on the spot), bedroom furniture and pine tables. New acquaintances were made while talks were conducted. Guests and participants of the fair were attracted by diverse agricultural machinery, showcased in the open air. Over 70 leading enterprises from the Lida and Grodno districts took part, while delegations from twenty countries attended, including 25 representatives of foreign missions in Belarus and those from Russian and Lithuanian twin cities.

Vitalur shop and the multifunctional sports-recreational Olympia complex were launched during the event. The latter is designed for both sportsmen and ordinary city residents, offering a modern swimming pool, a hall for team sports, a gym, a hall for fighting and another for aerobics and other sports. In fact, Olympia is not the last sports facility to be built in Lida; by July-August, a new stadium will be ready, featuring a football pitch, running tracks and a place for track and field athletics. Over 20 sports will be available in this mini-town.

The district centre was a venue for business meetings and international level negotiations for two days. The Lida District’s partners — old and new — seem endless in number: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, India, Romania, Latvia, Germany, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Italy, Iraq, Korea, Palestine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Armenia and China.

As part of the fair, the 4th International Economic Forum was held, gathering representatives of business circles and diplomatic missions from 20 countries. The forum’s plenary sessions tackled numerous issues: The Economic Development of the Regions via Innovations and Investments; Investment Attraction via Regional Partnership; Marketing of Regions — Global and Domestic Experience; Electronic Trade on Global Markets. How to Raise Exports of Belarusian Goods and Services; and Potential for Entrepreneurship, Private-State Partnership and Business Initiative. The largest enterprises of the Lida District took part in discussions and round table talks on various topics.

The organisers of the event are convinced that such meetings inspire co-operation between cities, regions and companies, while promoting export and investment potential and assisting in the realisation of investment projects. During the recent fair, a co-operative agreement was signed with the administration of twin city Dimitrovgrad. Moreover, the Lida District Executive Committee plans to participate in international projects worth over 9m Euros. Protocols of intentions were concluded with a range of organisations during the International Economic Forum.

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