‘Velogeymik’ resembles bicycle

Belarusian doctors invent computer simulator for children with disordered motor functions

The device resembles an ordinary bicycle, so has been named ‘velogeymik’. It helps children to develop their motor activity, in addition to their mental functions and memory. Marina Devyaltovskaya, who heads the Republican Scientific-Practical Mother and Child Centre’s laboratory overseeing the health of children and teenagers, says the country needs about 300 such simulators.

Meanwhile, foreign colleagues are showing great interest in the novelty. “A similar device exists abroad but is aimed at adults. The cheapest costs four times more than ours,” explains Ms. Devyaltovskaya.

The level of child disability has fallen in the Republic, much owing to medical innovations of Belarusian scientists and doctors, with modern therapies used for babies in intensive care. “We’re now caring for babies weighing just 500 grams, so this figure is hugely significant,” notes Ms. Devyaltovskaya. Children with an extremely low weight face the risk of disability, due to having less developed nervous systems, respiratory organs and eyesight. “Reducing disability allows children a better quality of life,” she adds.

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