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Useful work without fuss

Alexander Lukashenko receives the report from the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB), Leonid Kozik
By Maxim Osipov

Alexander Lukashenko receives the report from the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB), Leonid Kozik.

The President was interested to know if the FTUB has prepared objects for accommodation of the participants and visitors to the Ice Hockey World Championship, “For us, we are at the point where we must sum up the results of what the trade unions have promised to make for the Ice Hockey World Championship. I think, you worked with these objects, and probably it is profitable for you.”

Mr. Kozik noted that FTUB had fulfilled the instruction of the President and prepared its bases in the Minsk area for the acceptance of guests of the IIHF World Championship. Thus all its objects are not only ready to accommodate about one thousand people, but also offer the same services as modern hotels do.

The two also discussed other issues. In particular, he asked for a report on the situation in the trade-union movement and any problem situations that required attention. The President thanked the trade unions for their ‘quiet, silent and unobtrusive work on the organisation of elections for the local councils of deputies’.

The President was also informed about the fulfilment of previously given instructions, concerning work with labour collectives and the creations of good working conditions. Clinic treatment and children’s recreation were also discussed. Mr. Lukashenko was interested in the condition of a number of the clinics around the country. As Mr. Kozik reported, about half of all holidaymakers are foreign citizens, mainly from the Russian Federation, who are pleased with the conditions and medical services. As he said, Belarusian clinics are full to 100 percent capacity all the year round. As for children’s recreation, an expected 345 thousand will attend children’s camps this year, with the price of recreation vouchers for parents not exceeding 10 percent of the total cost. The FTUB has allocated funds for each region, which will be used for the reduction in price of vouchers for the recreation of children from both large and needy families.
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