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Belarusian State University joins top 700 universities worldwide for first time

In line with the famous British QS company’s World University Rankings-2011, the Belarusian State University (BSU) has for the first time joined the top 700 universities worldwide, ranked in the segment from 501st to 550th. Among CIS universities, the BSU is ranked ninth and occupies the same position among the universities of Central and Eastern Europe. Cambridge University tops the list of 700, while Moscow’s M.V. Lomonosov State University is 112th. St. Petersburg University is placed 251st, Novosibirsk University is 400th and Warsaw University is ranked between 401st and 450th, while Vilnius University is in the 551st-600th segment.

QS has been compiling rankings since 2004, assessing educational establishments under a range of parameters. Academic reputation is the most important, accounting for 40 percent of the assessment; it indicates how well university professors are known to the global academic community for joint participation in research projects and conferences and for publishing in international scientific editions.

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