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Every third lift across post-Soviet territory made in Mogilev, with over 130 models available

Every third lift across post-Soviet territory made in Mogilev, with over 130 models available

This year, Mogilevliftmash JSC celebrates its 50th anniversary, and its success as one of Belarus’ most famous brands. Its equipment can be found in apartment blocks and industrial premises across the EU and Latin America, although its most active partner is Russia.

Mogilevliftmash goods equipped with contemporary innovative developments

Russia boasts two joint ventures, in Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. After the 2nd Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia in Sochi, St. Petersburg signed an agreement to deliver 215 lifts, each with power efficient supply (saving 30 percent on usual running costs).

“The model allows room for creativity in designing buildings, saving on space, which makes it cheaper, as well as being comfortable,” underlines Director General Boris Kovalevsky. “It’s smooth and silent, with doors that open easily. It’s suitable for offices, tower blocks and smaller homes.”

Mogilevliftmash JSC has received awards from the Belarusian Ministry of Industry for its innovations, as well as from international agencies. Over 130 models roll off its assembly line at present, and it’s achieving record volumes, unseen since the 1990s. Back, then, there were only two kinds of lifts, but batches were huge. Now, the enterprise employs 4,500 people, producing lifts in small batches, for various purposes.

Keeping up with the times

Over the last quarter of a century, the number of enterprises manufacturing lifts has increased seven-fold in Russia alone, making competition stiff. To keep ahead of the game, it’s essential to master something new. Designers have created the first Belarusian lift for those who are mobility impaired, with several models produced, some even with automatic switches, which respond in case of danger. Meanwhile, we are increasingly seeing inclined platforms in underground passages and on the Minsk underground. “Our escalator was praised at Moscow’s Russian Elevator Week 2015,” notes Boris Kovalevsky. “Our new Italian line will soon enter mass-production.”

Almost two thirds of lifts are innovative developments created over the last three years, so it’s no wonder that Mogilev workers are being kept busy fulfilling orders.

By Svetlana Markova
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