Up and Running at Full Capacity

Business people pin their serious plans on Mogilyov region
For two days business people from 17 countries of the world acquainted themselves with the enterprises of the city on the Dnepr, participated in the presentations and round table discussions, negotiated raw material and product supply and signed memoranda of understanding and agreements.
The participants of the international conference “Investment. Cooperation.

Export” represented sister-cities and partner cities, companies and enterprises of Latvia, Germany, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro. But the most imposing was the delegation from Russia — businessmen, bankers and NGO leaders from large cities and small towns.

In the course of the conference a number of serious joint programmes were conceived.

The conference is that they will involve not only two parties, as most programmes do, but three or four parties or even more. With the lapse of time Mogilyov will see Belarusian-Russian-Lithuanian or Belarusian-Russian-Bulgarian companies. For example, the products of Mogilyov iron and steel works kindled the interest of both representatives of “Sunlit-T” company from St. Petersburg and Lithuanian colleagues of the Mogilyov works, so all the three parties took part in the talks and signing of the memoranda of understanding.

In the short run Mogilyovites will start preparation of a cadastre of unemployed capacities and equipment. Prospective investors will have it easier deciding where to put their money. Executive Director of the International Assembly of Large Cities and Capital Towns, Vladimir Selivanov, deems it possible even now to hold international exhibitions in Mogilyov, create databanks and implement leading-edge technologies in all economy sectors.
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