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Unusual exhibition complements theatrical performance based on one of old plays

State Museum of the History of Theatrical and Musical Culture offers age of Ursula Radziwill
The Miracle about Ursula exhibition, dedicated to the creativity of Ursula Radziwill (the founder of the first courtyard theatre in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) has launched at the State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Culture.

The title is symbolic since, in medieval times, a miracle play explored religious wonders; today’s exhibition aims to show the world with different eyes. Moreover, its title corresponds to the name of a performance from the show, given by the Radziwilovsky Puppet Theatre. This details the history of the first play written by Ursula Radziwill: Quick-witted Love. The show is performed inside a small theatrical box, using puppets and special cut outs of key characters.

Three portable puppet theatres are on show at the exhibition: the Nesvizh Town Hall Theatre; and those of the Radziwilovsky and Kredene theatres. In addition, visitors can view the home puppet theatre of Anna Vygonnaya, who heads the Mirskaya Batleika Folk Studio and Mir Castle Batleika Theatre. Moreover, some theatrical costumes and sets from Mir Mirages, Castle Chimneys, Mir’s Centre and A Stone Dove are on show — all created by the Mirskaya Batleika Theatre (at the Mir Technical College for Art and Restoration).

Ursula Radziwill set up her theatre in Nesvizh in 1746 and performances were staged by her family eight to twelve times a year — for holidays. She wrote 16 plays, including prominent comedies such as Love — An Interested Judge and Fortune’s Game, alongside tragedies such as The Madden Judge, Gold on Fire and the opera Happy Misfortune.
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