Unique violin plays its role

Belarusian State Music Academy graduate Artem Shishkov wins third award at Berlin International Max Rostal Competition for Viola and Violin

At present, Artem is taking a post-graduate course at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, lectured by Dora Schwarzberg. He has previously won several violin competitions and, in 2005, was granted a grand scholarship by the Special Fund of the President of Belarus for  Support of Talented Youth.

For the competition, Artem borrowed a unique violin (made by famous Italian Andrea Guarneri) — purchased by Belarus’ Culture Ministry especially for the use of talented young musicians at prestigious international contests.

The International Max Rostal Competition for Viola and Violin is organised within the World Federation of International Music Competitions (set up in 1991 in memory of Max Rostal — a violin and viola player and teacher of many famous musicians across the generations). The event aims to support young talent.

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