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Around 400 unique shots collected in BELTA’s photo album One Victory for All
Around 400 unique shots collected in BELTA’s photo album One Victory for All

About 400 unique photos from BELTA’s archives, including those by such well-known war correspondents as Vladimir Lupeiko, Vasily Arkashev and Mikhail Savin, are included in the One Victory for All album, recently presented at the 22nd Minsk International Book Fair.

According to Dmitry Zhuk, the Director General of the Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BELTA) and author of the album, the National Library and the Belarusian State Archive of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings have contributed. He emphasises that the Victory plays a special role for every person living in Belarus and notes that, in selecting photos, the team spent much time on discussion, being greatly inspired.

The Chairman of the Republican Council of the Belarusian Public Association of Veterans, Anatoly Novikov, notes that the album is one of the best publications dedicated to the Great Victory. He is eager that young people have the chance to study archive materials, seeing the faces of those who fought for Victory. He adds that this is a precious gift for veterans.

The One Victory for All album highlights not only the war years but those before and after, showing the restoration of Belarus. Photos are used to follow particular people’s stories, giving diversity while being united under a shared motif. The reader gains a clear sense of the meaning of Motherland, freedom, independence and peace.

By Galina Kravtsova
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