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Lifetime of Koreans exhibition hosted by National Art Museum in Minsk

Unique exhibits reveal diversity of Korean life

Lifetime of Koreans exhibition hosted by National Art Museum in Minsk, from museums of Seoul, organised jointly with Dongguk University Museum and the Korea Foundation, with support from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Belarus

Items from traditional civil and religious life of Korea exhibited

The exhibition includes decorative-and-applied art works as well as masterpieces of traditional secular and religious Korean painting and sculpture. The collection covers a period of almost one thousand years — from the Koryo dynasty (from the 10th to the 14th centuries) to the modern age.

The Lifetime of Koreans narrates everyday Korean traditions, culture and rituals, across various themes, such as childbirth, weddings and 60th anniversaries.

On show are clothing items and those commonly found at home, including kitchen tools and crockery. The section devoted to spiritual life features masterpieces of religious culture, paintings and sculpture.
Three areas of Korean life are portrayed: spiritual, social and everyday. Each is thought provoking, revealing aspects of life in Korea with which foreigners may be unfamiliar.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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