Unique ancient tapestry reborn

By Irina Ponomareva

Borisov Applied Art Factory copies Korelichi ancient tapestry — Granting Princely Title to Mikolaj Radziwill Czarny
Tatiana Potapovich, Yelena Alekhno, Irina Polonevich and Alla Fedisova have spent three months meticulously working on the reproduction, which is to go on show at the National Historical-Cultural Museum-Reserve at Nesvizh. “This is the first time that a copy of the ancient tapestry has been made in Belarus. The original is kept by Poland’s Narodowe Museum, in Nebrowo. Our specialists visited to study the tapestry in detail,” explains the Director of Borisov Applied Art Factory, Grigory Shemit. “The colours have faded over the centuries, so it has been a challenge for artist Nina Pilyuzina to capture the original style and palette of the 17th century.”

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