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Funds of the National library of Belarus “speak” 54 world languages
Funds of the National library of Belarus “speak” 54 world languages.

The readers of the main library of the country have the possibility to obtain Internet access to 107 electronic databases of a socio-humanitarian profile of different organizations and institutions of the whole world. According to its deputy director Liudmila Kiriukhina, this is an authoritative resource with information on state structure, economy, science, innovation development and education. The visitor can work, for example, in the library of Cambridge university or to visit the United Nations Organization.

The richest electronic source was created: an electronic catalogue counts 1 million and 600 thousand of records. As for now, it is presented only in the National library, but soon it will be in the Web-portal of the National library of Belarus. This gives the readers a possibility to make an order for the necessary document in a remore mode and, correspondingly, to receive it. The library opened its virtual reading room in the six regional libraries of Belarus and in the Belarusian State University of culture and art, having provided access to the readers to those databases, which it possesses.

Today in the National library there are more than 8.5 million of stored items: different documents, books, brochures, periodicals, published music etc. Being the depository of many international organizations, like the UNO, UNESCO, OSCE, the World Bank etc., the library has got the documents of these organizations, access to electronic sources, which they create. The funds “speak” 54 world languages.

In a perspective, all state libraries will have the base of authoritative records, which contains the names of writers, scientists, compilers, all those authors, who live in Belarus and create information. Such a base of authoritative records in Russian and Belarusian languages contains more than 180 thousand of records and will have subject columns. The base will be also place on the portal of the National library of Belarus.

The electronic library of the National library of Belarus amounts to 25 thousand of documents. It is small now, and includes firstly rare publications, dissertations, national periodicals, books and brochures. Partially this base has already been represented for the visitors’ usage. It’s no need to speak about the possibility of the Web-portal organization, because it is necessary to observe copyright and intellectual rights, and in case of complete disclosure of the materials such rights will be adversely modified.

Liudmila Kiriukhina noted that the number of virtual visits of the library for two years from the moment of move to a new building amounted to 700 thousand.

Zhanna Kotliarova
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