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Understanding of market is crucial

Alexander Surikov, Ambassador of Russia to Belarus, expects some visible progress in establishing joint MAZ-KamAZ Holding
“The governments of Russia and of Belarus are working towards this, with some progress seen nearly in the second quarter of 2014,” notes H.E. Mr. Surikov.

“Every company head, including that of KamAZ, gets very sensitive when it comes to integration projects. However, for some reason, they start with property. I think it is the right thing to do at the start, because this property can eventually become joint property. Anyway, the major goal of the MAZ-KamAZ integration project today is different. The two companies should shift their focus from internal issues to the market environment,” noted the diplomat.

Mr. Surikov notes that both MAZ and KamAZ are losing influence within the Customs Union, so it makes sense for them to ‘join forces by creating Rosbelavto — to allow them to remain competitive’. He notes that issues of ‘ownership’ are secondary.

The MAZ-KamAZ integration project envisages the establishment of a holding company by transferring a certain amount of shares by both companies. MAZ will hand over 75 percent plus one share while KamAZ will hand over 49.9 percent of shares to the holding company.
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