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Chinese investors showing interest in purchasing biggest hotel in Grodno

Under partner scrutiny

Grodno authorities are determined to find a new owner for the 16-floor Grodno Hotel: the biggest in the regional centre. Currently operating inefficiently, according to the Chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee, Mechislav Goi, the hotel requires not only investment but expertise.

View of Grodno Hotel in the regional centre
View of Grodno Hotel in the regional centre

He notes that China already has a history of co-operation with Grodno factories. “They have money and technologies, while we have a workforce and sites. It’s a good basis to produce goods on our territory, for sale abroad,” he underlines.

Chinese partners from the Gansu Province recently visited Grodno, touring enterprises producing PVC pipes and biologically active supplements. Several facilities at existing enterprises are currently idle, and would benefit from external investment. Traditional Chinese medicine may be developed in the Grodno Region, with the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, Vladimir Kravtsov, having discussed this idea with the Gansu Province Vice Governor. The Mayor supports the idea, which is being developed in various countries. Ozerny sanatorium may be a viable site for the plan.

A delegation from Grodno is to take part in an international exhibition in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, this summer, occupying 700-800 square metres of exhibition space free of charge, presenting Grodno’s most competitive products.

There are also plans to study Chinese urban development practices.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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