Typical portrait of bank depositor in the country

National Bank of Belarus describes typical saver

National Bank of Belarus describes typical saver

The National Bank posts results of Know Your Customer survey, looking at typical person making fixed-term bank deposits (in Q2 2016).

Savings are different

The typical Belarusian depositor is either male, aged 26 to 60, having savings of Br75.8m (non-denominated Roubles) in the bank, or a woman aged over 55, who has savings of Br70.2m. As of July 1st, average savings stood at Br68.9m per person (up 2.4 percent this quarter). Men and women tend to make similar deposits: across all currencies, men hold Br69.4m on average, while women hold savings of Br68.5m. Women claim 57.4 percent of total deposits, against just 42.6 percent by men.

Individual residents hold the lion’s share of deposits with Belarusian banks; as of July 1st, these totaled Br169.5 trillion, or 97 percent of the total amount of deposits. The population still prefers to hold savings in foreign currencies: as of July 1st, these totalled Br149 trillion (85.3 percent), having fallen by 0.8 percentage points since the last quarter.

Most people’s savings are held with Belarusbank: as of July 1st, its share amounted to 44.8 percent. It is followed by Belagroprombank (18.2 percent), BPS-Sberbank (8.7), Belinvestbank (6.3), the Bank BelVEB (4.6) and Priorbank (4). Other banks account for 13.4 percent of individuals’ savings.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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