Twenty five years after Chernobyl catastrophe

Twenty Five Years After the Chernobyl Catastrophe: Results and Prospects for Overcoming national report presented

By Sergey Miloradov

Since 1990, Belarus has realised four state Chernobyl-related programmes, allowing it to solve a range of topical issues relating to the health and security of the population and the rehabilitation of affected territories. Legislation covering all aspects of ‘Chernobyl’ has been developed, with a system of people’s social protection established. Twenty four hour radiation monitoring is conducted, with about $19bn (two annual budgets of the country) allocated from the Republican budget to overcome the consequences.

Belarus is currently realising its fifth Chernobyl-related programme, running from 2011-2015 (and on to 2020). This focuses on improving the management of contaminated territories, developing strategies for their rehabilitation. As revival continues, abandoned agricultural lands are to be returned to use.

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