TV channel boasts new face

Belarus 24 TV Channel takes part in major international exhibition of television and telecommunications — CSTB’2013
By Eduard Pimenov

Belarus 24 TV Channel was launched on January 1st, 2013, replacing the Belarus-TV satellite channel. “This is the first international forum in which the new TV channel has taken part,” notes the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, Gennady Davydko. “We want our TV channel to gain more exposure abroad. Like any commodity, television needs promotion, so we plan to hold a major presentation in Moscow very soon.”

Belarus 24 recently received a license to broadcast in Russia. “It’s vital to be able to tell audiences about Belarusian domestic policy and about our country in general, including the life of ordinary Belarusians,” stresses Mr. Davydko. “We have the chance to broadcast not only via satellite but via Russian cable, reaching a wide Russian audience.” 

The Director of Belarus 24 TV Channel, Yelena Ladutko, notes that the company’s participation in the Moscow exhibition was aimed at finding new partners in Russia and the CIS. Already, it has signed over 200 partnership agreements with other broadcasters, allowing it to reach audiences all over Russia by autumn. At present, Belarus 24 is only viewed in the west of the country.
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