TUROV: the contemporary history

The capital of formerly powerful Duchy revives as tourism center
Today Turov is a small town in Zhitkovichy district, Gomel region. Ruins of ancient buildings, unique findings of archaeologists and chronicles are the only evidence of exuberant history of this political and cultural center. Not long ago Turov celebrated its 1025th anniversary and the 1000th year of Orthodox episcopate of Turov, one of the oldest in Russia.

The town will try to take the advantage of its unique history. How clever and professional it will be arranged, will define future attraction for tourists. In a sense, holidays are presentation of what can interest foreign tourists, often high-fed with abundance of remarkable places and historical rarities.

Museum exposition at Zamkovaya mount is likely to become of them. As a matter of fact, this is not just a museum but a remainder of ancient temple destroyed by earthquake in 1230 — historians say this complex is unique and is of great interest. Excavations were completed a short time ago, the archaeological site was covered with a tent made of glass and metal and will host displays of weapons, utility articles and photos…

Another event aimed at attraction of visitors is Belarusian festival of chamber and church music “Turov-2005” launched on holidays. The initiative of this festival was put forward by National concert orchestra of Belarus and supported by Gomel regional and Zhitkovichy district executive committees.

Mikhail Finberg, orchestra’s head, thinks this festival will be interesting and useful for the ancient town; festival of the kind should bring high culture to small boroughs and propagate Belarusian music, both old and modern.
Today town authorities are up to their ears in establishing a worthful infrastructure — they will have to build a modern hotel, a quite capacious concert hall and entertainment facilities… The small town in Zhitkovichy district is most likely to become a new tourism Mecca.
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