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‘Turn-key’ supplies launched to Africa

Wholesale supplies of Belarusian machinery for large international companies working in Mozambique and South African Republic

By Semen Petrovsky

Pavel Krupnov, the Director General of Promagroleasing JSC, notes that requests for supply have followed a visit by a delegation of Belarusian businesses to Mozambique and the South African Republic. Large, wholesale companies from the African states have asked Belarus to deliver machinery via international leasing (with guarantees of payment). Moreover, the establishment of assembly enterprises for several Belarusian plants in Africa has been discussed. Mozambique may host a trade fair for Belarusian machinery, allowing a large number of potential customers to gain familiarity with Belarusian machine products.

Mozambique is a very promising market for Belarus, having used Belarusian tractors in Soviet times and having specialists who once trained at Soviet universities. “A good foundation already exists for today’s new economic and social relations, between contemporary Belarus and Mozambique. We are recovering forgotten markets,” underlines the Director General of Promagroleasing JSC.

Mozambique is in need of the latest machinery and technology, as well as staff training and reasonable financing terms in order to raise its development. “All these are part of ‘agro-financial engineering,” explains Mr. Krupnov. “We shouldn’t repeat the mistakes of other states who supply only machinery, without offering maintenance or training services. Complex ‘turn-key’ solutions include machinery for every stage — from soil preparation to processing and storage. This is the competitive advantage of Promagroleasing JSC.”

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