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Tufelki comes to Monaco

Film short by director Konstantin Fam, devoted to memory of Holocaust victims, takes main prizes at 11th Angel Film Awards International Film Festival in Monaco
By Tatiana Nizhina

The co-production by Belarus, Russia, Poland, the USA, the Czech Republic and France has won prizes for ‘Best Short Length Film’, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Producer’, ‘Best Camerawork’ and ‘Best Original Music’. The film also received the Angel Peace Award for promoting peace.

Producers Konstantin Fam from Costa Fam Film (Russia) and Yury Igrusha and Sergey Zhdanovich from Nonstop MEDIA (Belarus) presented the film at the festival. Belarus’ Sergey Novikov took the honour of ‘Best Camerawork’ for Tufelki, which is now entered for the ‘Best Short-Length Film’ nomination at the 2014 Oscars.
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