Truth born in dialogue

Union of Writers of Belarus and Turkish Union of Writers and Journalists implement joint book project

Dialogue and Tolerance, published in Belarus, has opened up a new series of translated Turkish literature. The book was recently presented in Minsk.

“Dialogue is known to be the most important instrument in bringing countries closer to each other. It promotes understanding while helping solve social issues and economic problems,” notes Nikolai Cherginets, the Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Writers and Chairman of the Public Council for Morality. He adds that the joint project will be continued with works by both Turkish and Belarusian authors. The author of Dialogue and Tolerance is Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim scientist and theologian, thinker and writer from Turkey. He asserts that true religion teaches us to love, tolerate and sympathise, so we can achieve harmony with ourselves and with nature. He tries to answer the question of the meaning of life, calling on us to change the world by first altering ourselves, clearing hatred and rage while embracing virtue and goodness. Mr. Gulen’s humanistic ideas are known worldwide and his works are studied in many European universities.

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