Trumpeter on town hall finds his voice

Mogislav the bugler ready to speak to Mogilev tourists, explains Gennady Golovchik

By Sergey Kulyakov

Mogislav the bugler ready to speak to Mogilev tourists, explains Gennady Golovchik

Trumpeter at the town hallBy pressing a key on his bugle, Mogislav will talk about himself and his impression of all that lies below the windows of the townhall, explaining the history of Mogilev. The bugler is voiced by Gennady Golovchik, although with a lighter timbre, thanks to computer software — as befits a young musician.

“We’ll do our best to make Mogislav’s impressions lively and we’re avoiding too many dates and figures. His views will be those of a young lad, surveying this landmark city on the River Dnieper,” explains Mr. Golovchik, who looks after the mechanical clock within the town hall and the workings of the bugler.

Gennady has many ideas on attracting tourists to his beloved city, including creating clocks unlike any others worldwide: those powered by the wind, or children, and a clock-fountain. One plan, which he intends to realise in the near future, is to develop a Clock Tower excursion.

Mr. Golovchik is an absolute expert on all matters relating to such timepieces, and has revived many city clocks across Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. He can speak about them with passion and without ever tiring. There’s no doubt that his enthusiasm is infectious and that guests at the town hall are fascinated to learn the secrets of its chiming clock: every detail is unique, having been handmade. Some parts of the clock even bear prose or verse engraved by Mr. Golovchik, alongside names and dates.
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