Truly responsible and feasible mission

President sets task of achieving new level of co-operation with China, as he appoints Kirill Rudy as new Belarusian Ambassador to the PRC
“We need a breakthrough in our relations. We need not only to take our relations with the People’s Republic of China to the next level, but to shift them into a new orbit. They are ready for this,” underlined the Head of State, speaking to Mr. Rudy. He added, “They’re approaching us with an open heart. I have very close, friendly relations with China’s current leadership, and with the former, but especially with the incumbent head of state.”

Kirill Rudy (R) and Mikhail Myatlikov

Mr. Lukashenko especially noted that friendly and strategic relations exist between Belarus and China. “Over many years and, even, decades, we’ve managed to assure the Chinese that we’re a reliable partner. This is vital to them,” he said.

The President emphasised that Belarus should be ready to make prompt use of emerging bilateral opportunities. He noted, “You should make sure that the most daring initiatives in Belarus-China relations are implemented.” The Head of State also gave instructions regarding preparations for his forthcoming state visit to China, which is expected to take place in late September 2016. Talking to the media, Mr. Rudy noted that this work will be a foremost focus as he arrives at his new post. “It’s necessary to make the programme as intensive as possible, to make sure that agreements reached during the visit become a roadmap for the next few years, bringing results for both Belarus and China,” he said.

Among his priorities, Mr. Rudy has named trade-economic co-operation, including liaisons within the Silk Road Economic Belt, the implementation of major investment projects (with focus on serious elaboration and efficiency), the development of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park and regional interaction.

By Vladimir Khromov

Much serious work still lies ahead

Achieving $200m trade turnover (against $45m in 2015) may seem an ambitious task, but it is feasible, notes Mikhail Myatlikov, newly appointed as Belarusian Ambassador to Georgia

“The President has set the task of achieving trade turnover of $200m. In early September, we plan to hold a major, national exhibition for Belarus, at Expo Georgia in Tbilisi. Georgian businesses are showing great interest,” notes Mr. Myatlikov. In particular, during the forthcoming forum, Belarus will present its opportunities in the IT sphere.

Speaking about current trade turnover, Mr. Myatlikov notes that, in the first four months of this year, export growth reached 126 percent.

Belarusian-Georgian economic relations rely on many commodities. Belarus is keen to promote exports from the machine-building and petrochemistry spheres, notes the Ambassador. He tells us, “We plan to launch assembly production of Minsk Tractor Works and Mogilevliftmash. We may also set up joint ventures within Belarusian territory. At present, Georgia supplies fruit and vegetables to our country — critical imports which we lack. Deep processing inside Belarus, using existing facilities, will enable us to enter other markets across the Eurasian Economic Union.”

Another promising area for development of co-operation is pharmaceuticals. Mr. Myatlikov notes that two hundred Belarusian pharmaceutical medicines are already registered as being sold to Georgia. Moreover, Belarus is developing its export of transport services to Georgia (currently worth $14m).

Mr. Myatlikov tells us that, initially, a suitable site needs to be found for the embassy building, since the Belarusian diplomatic mission is opening in Georgia for the first time.

By Alexander Pimenov
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