Tribute to memory of outstanding musician

Vladimir Mulyavin would have been 75 years old

Vladimir Mulyavin would have been 75 years old

The President sent his best wishes to the participants in the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the birth of the People’s Artist of the USSR and BSSR, Vladimir Mulyavin, and congratulated everyone on the celebrations. He went on to describe, “Vladimir Mulyavin was born in Russia, but he was a son of the Belarusian land in his heart and soul. The legendary band Pesnyary, founded by him, made our music famous and appreciated around the world, and today this band is rightfully considered one of the cultural symbols of Belarus.”

The President emphasised how the creative work of Vladimir Mulyavin enriched Belarusian popular singing with new themes, melodies and images and became the foundation for the formation of its own style while inspiring a number of talented musicians.

Mr. Lukashenko sincerely thanked those whose hard work helps to preserve the memory of Mr. Mulyavin and promote his music. He also expressed confidence that the celebration will add new pages to Vladimir Mulyavin’s legacy book and pay a respectful tribute to the great singer.

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