Treasure hunt for Minskers

Yevgeny Shaposhnikov hides a considerable amount of his own money to encourage a sense of adventure
Yevgeny is so keen to persuade people into the ‘great outdoors’ that he has been hiding banknotes in capsules, using a special mobile app to encourage a treasure hunt. The mobile application contains photo-prompts to reveal the hiding places, and 16 capsules have been already found. Yevgeny tells us that, a year ago, he organised a similar hunt, and, at that time, gave prompts via his blog. He comments, “You enter the special code from the capsule into the application, so that everyone knows that the hiding place has been discovered.”

Yevgeny plans to find sponsors for his franchise, and notes that a major bank is already showing interest, hoping to allocate a significant sum for treasure hunters. Yevgeny’s app allows hunters to purchase clues, such as the first letter of the street or the distance to the hiding place from the city centre. He plans to launch prompts abroad, while promising to make the search free of charge for Minsk residents.

By Margarita Vanyushina
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