Travelling for treasures in one ancient fortress

Grodno offers treasure hunt in Old Castle
By Sergey Smirnov

Grodno offers treasure hunt in Old Castle

Grodno historical-archaeological museum is now offering visitors the chance to take part in a treasure hunt. Aimed at middle and senior school pupils, as well as college students, the game allows for teams of 5-20 people. Of course, the aim is to encourage youngsters to explore the museum and learn as they go. The game takes them stage-by-stage in search of the treasures of Stephen Bбthory which, according to legend, are hidden in the Old Castle.

The museum provides each team with necessary equipment and gives a ‘briefing’ before the game begins; several teams can then set off simultaneously. Staff are now creating a similar game for other age categories.

Grodno historical-archaeological museum is one of the oldest and largest in Belarus, housing items from Grodno royal castles of the 16-18th century. The Old Castle has 19 museum halls showing materials from the history of Grodno and the region — including the nearby Nieman. In the courtyard of the Old Castle is Bottom Church: typical of the Grodno architectural school of the 12th century.
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