Transplant surgeons reviving quality of life

Doctors are ready for first dual transplant of heart and lungs
“Belarusian transplant surgeons have conducted a complete range of preparatory activities for ‘heart-lung’ transplantation, in readiness for organs becoming available,” notes Minister Vasily Zharko. He adds that the entire health care system is developing well, with neuro-oncology making much progress, as well as genetic counselling and treatment of malignant tumours. Vascular and endoscopic surgery (using laser coagulation techniques and minimally invasive technologies) is also becoming more prevalent, including in more rural regions.

By the end of 2014, Belarus had recorded 286 kidney transplants (including 18 for children), 68 liver transplants (seven for children), 45 heart transplants, two ‘kidney-pancreas’ transplants, one ‘liver-kidney’, and one ‘liver-lung’. In all, there were 14,037 surgical interventions for the heart and thoracic aorta.

By Anastasia Shoplya
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