Transparency for casino gambling

US company GTECH to set up gambling industry monitoring centre in Belarus

By Andrey Asfurov



A tender to select the best proposal for establishing a gambling industry monitoring centre, organised in line with a governmental order, has been won by GTECH. The American company is to ensure 24/7 collection of information on the operation of gambling establishments, for provision to interested state agencies. Information on cash turnover and prize payouts must be transparent.

GTECH is to supply software and hardware and compatible gambling equipment if needed, while setting up a monitoring centre (without using state money). The ten year contract allows for all data to be kept confidential; the centre’s database will comply with Belarusian cryptographic standards.

Belarus’ gambling industry development concept provides for every Belarusian casino and arcade machine to be connected to a single computer network, with a monitoring centre. A computerised network of cash registers will be set up to systematise the financial flow of each establishment.

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